About - Small Ship Cruises

About - Small Ship Cruises

If you share our philosophy and have decided that resort style vessels accommodating thousands of passengers is definitely not your type of holiday, then let us help you choose a perfect small ship cruise holiday. Wildiaries, WildEarth Travel and DeluxeLife Travel have teamed up to give you access to the latest special offers and a rich portfolio of almost 2,000 small ship cruise departures each year. With over 20 years experience voyaging, leading, creating and hand-picking the best expeditions all over the globe, you will get personalised and unbiased support to find the right trip for you. Our head of travel, Peter Scott, also has 20 years experience and a commitment to excellent customer service. 

What we do differently

With us you're getting:

- Access to people who have personal experience of most of the ships on sale. This means they can answer every question, however obscure. 

- A personal travel consultant that will manage your transport doorstep-to-doorstep. Flight changes, book-end accommodation and supplementary excursions, can all be managed.

- Someone to look after your travel arrangements while you are away.   

I firmly believe we would not have got our luggage if Wildiaries hadn't stepped in and managed things for us when they were lost on our way to Antarctica. Marg & Rob, NSW

We're passionate about small ship travel

We only promote voyages for real travellers with carefully selected specialist cruise operators that do not cut corners in their quest to ensure your onboard experience is of the highest quality. Travel in an intimate, safe and comfortable environment, to see and experience, learn as you travel and do all this in the company of like-minded travellers. Visit extraordinary places and have amazing experiences.

We only sell small ships

As one of our guests once said "what other type of ship is there"?

We tend to agree. Small ship cruising isn't necessarily more expensive than traditional cruises. Most of the trips have substantial inclusions and there is a wide range of price points. The benefit of a small ship is obvious.  

The majority of our ships range from only 8 to 150 passengers. So no round the clock buffets and long lines waiting to pay extra for your shore-excursion, just good old-fashioned exploring a destination with a small group of inquiring travellers.

Expedition leaders with over 20 years experience voyaging, leading, creating and hand-picking the best expeditions all over the globe.

Specialist travel company striving for authentic, fulfilling travel experiences with a unique style and focus on nature.

Travel group with over 20 years experience years in the Australian travel industry and commitment to excellent customer service.