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Special Offers Watchlist

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New SPECIAL OFFERS appear regularly and without notice. They are booked and expire fast.  To hear about upcoming deals, join our watch list (right). We will alert you to new offers as they are announced. 

"Jumping on earlybird deals and securing flights 11 months in advance is one way to save 1,000s of dollars" - Simon Mustoe, Wildiaries

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Cruise Calendar

Use this handy guide to know what time of year is best to travel in different locations. For some of the more popular seasonal destinations (e.g. Antarctica, Arctic etc), earlybird specials begin to be listed about 18 months before. 

Areas covered in the list above

The list above is chosen from the most popular outbound cruise destinations and includes numerous areas you'd be familiar with. Here we have listed a wider range of other places within these destinations. 

- East Africa - Indian Ocean - North Africa  - West Africa
- Antarctica & South Georgia - Antarctic Peninsula - Ross Sea Region - Subantarctic Islands
- Canadian Arctic - Greenland - Iceland - North Pole - Russian Arctic - Spitsbergen
- China - India - Indonesia - Japan - Russian Far East - Southeast Asia
- Adriatic - Atlantic Ocean - Black Sea - Greek Islands - Italy and France - Portugal and Spain
North America
- Alaska - Baja California - East Coast (USA) - Eastern Canada - Great Lakes - West Coast (USA) - Western Canada
Northern Europe
- Baltic - British Isles - Iceland & Faroes - Netherlands - Scandinavia
NZ & Australia
- Australia - Great Barrier Reef - Kimberley - New Zealand - Northern Australia
South & Central America
- Amazon - Caribbean - Central America - Galapagos - Patagonia - South America 
South Pacific
- French Polynesia - Melanesia - Micronesia - Papua New Guinea - South Pacific Ocean